Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Crazy Charm Bracelets? Treat Yo Self

Growing up, I was the girliest girl in the world. Barbies, tea sets, and baby dolls were my favourite toys. So while I'm a total feminist and way supportive of gender role bending, I never really got the appeal of "boy" toys like race cars. I remember trying to play Hot Wheels with these kids I baby-sat and the kids yelling at me because apparently giving the cars unique personality traits and making them talk to each other is not actually how you play with toy cars.

But this crazy charm bracelet from PoniesofDooom (Is that a bronies thing? I don't understand bronies.) on Etsy has helped me to see matchbox cars' appeal.

(Okay, you can't even see the matchbox car in this picture, making the intro of this post seem really random)

I'd be tempted to try and DIY my own, but I'm a procrastinator when it comes to crafting, so I'd probably end up accumulating a pile of small toys and just letting it sit there. And then one day someone would find my weirdo stack of matchbox cars and be freaked out.

The good news is it's only $27, which is really not that much considering it GLOWS IN THE DARK.

Oh, there's the car.

Do you think this bracelet's cool? Would you make your own instead? And if you do, can you send me one?


Ashley said...

The fact that it glows in the dark totally seals the deal for me. Or, actually it doesn't, because I'm still po'. But if I wasn't. You know. Is that a kitty?

Tinfoil Tiaras said...

I love this bracelet- I kind of want to put it on my list of things to DIY but alas would probably never get around to it. Thank you for quoting Tom H. one of my favourite tv characters of all time!