Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Caught Between Love and Hate: Lil Wayne's Teddy Bear Sneakers

Sometimes, I know that I have strong feelings about something but I don't yet know whether these are feelings of overwhelming love or overwhelming hate. Examples: Tyra Banks, "Sister Wives" (that's a lie, I love "Sister Wives"), most Usher songs. This is one of those times.

I was bewildered today, when using iTunes homeshare, to discover that my dad has a Lil Wayne song in his iTunes library that I don't own. Now, I'm not a huge Lil Wayne fan, but this worried me. Is my 56 year old father (sorry for publishing your age on the internet, Dad!) more up to date with the pop culture of today's youth than I am? Am I no longer cool? (Okay, I was never cool, but humour me here.)
But my quarter-life crisis aside (it's probably more of a fifth-of-a-life crisis thanks to modern medical advances, but I digress), the main reason that Lil Wayne is on my mind today are the Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals by Originals shoes he wore on New Years Eve.

Weezy (that's what the kids are calling him, right?) rocking the aforementioned shoes.

(Photo from upscalehype.com)

Dudes. They're freaking TEDDY BEAR shoes.

(Photo from upscalehype.com)


-They are TEDDY BEARS in shoe form.

-You could wear them with a super-jazzy dress and people would be all "Nice outfit! [glancing down] Oh..."


-The muted colour palette is very Phoebe Philo (you know, if Phoebe Philo designed stuffed animal shoes).

-They're like bunny slippers, but you can wear them in public without being judged. Okay, with slightly less judgement.


-They are TEDDY BEARS in shoe form.

-They're actually really ugly.

-The decapitated bear heads look like they're crying out for help behind the smiles.

-They're over $300. That's a lot of chedder, yo. (That's not remotely current slang, is it? I give up. MY FATHER IS MORE CULTURALLY RELEVANT THAN I AM.)

Verdict: Love. I don't care what you say, world. These are awesome.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Inspiration - Pretty, Meet Punk

I've really been feeling a sort of return to pretty lately. I'm totally in love with the grungey, edgy looks of the last few seasons, but part of me is ready to see clothes that are purely pretty make their return (like those in Badgely Mischka's super glam S/S 2011 show). I really like the idea of doing pretty looks with an edge.
(clockwise from top centre: Giles Spring 2011, style.com; "Orphan" by Sam Winston, Wallpaper.com; Jessica Miller photographed by Carter Smith, fashiongonerogue.com; Chanel Spring 2011, style.com; No Magazine, fashiongonerogue.com; Vogue Turkey, January 2011, fashiongonerogue.com. Also, I'm a total loser and can't remember where I found the background image is from. If anyone recognizes it and can help a girl out that would be amazing.)