Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Current Obsession: Jen Kao Wedges

How sick are these wedges by Jen Kao? (The correct answer is "so sick.") It's the perfect Frankenstein's monster of a shoe, simultaneously calling to mind ski boots, patchwork, and that Christopher Kane collection with all the galaxy prints.

Jen Kao? More like Jen Wow! (Sorry. Bad puns are sort of my thing.)


20thCgirl said...

They kind of look like what a rave would look like if it were a shoe, don't they? And yesss Christopher Kane!

Jillian said...

"What a rave would look like if it were a shoe" is the best description of anything, ever.

Lyosha said...

ohhh... I want these shoes! they are so sich but hell stylish!

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