Saturday, August 6, 2011

Adventures in Etsy: Of Hogs and Hedges

You guys, I'm babysitting a hedgehog(!!!) this weekend. His name is John-John, he hates me (I tried singing The Cardigans' "Lovefool" to him, but this only served to annoy him) and he is actually the cutest thing ever!

The new love of my life. (Please ignore the camera phone picture quality and how weirdly disgusting my carpet looks).

In honour of my temporary foray into hedgehog-parenting, here are some painfully adorable hedgehog-themed accessories I found on Etsy.

Hedgehog flats by emandsprout ($24):

I feel like it would be impossible to have a bad day with these on your feet. How much do you love the fact that the hedgehogs have little flowers in their hair (or in their spikes, I guess)?

Hedgehog hair clips by CuckooBoo ($5):

I'm pretty sure that these are actually intended for small children, but I'm also pretty sure that the world would be a way better place if we all wore adorable animal-themed hair bows all the time.

Hedgehog necklace by Piggy ($18):

For the sophisticated hedgehog-wearer. (As if there's any other kind).


Steffen said...

Aw wow! A hedgehog?! How cute :) love this post

20thCgirl said...

Why do they have a hedgehog? Beats babysitting a cat that's for sure! I love all the hedgehog related things you found on etsy, I'm such a major sucker for anything remotely cute or animal related!

*I'm following*

Flashes of Style said...

Hehe all of these pieces are just adorable! <3