Wednesday, April 6, 2011

LG Fashion Week Review: Diepo

Toronto's LG Fashion Week is a chance for the Fashion Design Council of Canada to show off home-grown talent.

Diepo’s show reminded me of camping. Not real, peeing in the woods/sleeping on the ground/wearing gross sweatpants camping. The only resemblance it bore to that was the lack of seating, with bloggers, friends of the designers, and photographers jostling for standing room behind the three rows of benches in the space.

No, Diepo presented a more romanticized view of the great outdoors. Paper gift bags filled with caramel corn and other goodies sat atop each seat, models with messy braided hair posed on fake tree stumps, and the clothes were casual in a Band of Outsiders sort of way. Meanwhile, corset-style black tanks and tight mini-skirts gave the low-key collection a dose of sexy. Diepo’s baggy sheer tanks and chevron print basics are sure to be coveted by the Urban Outfitters crowd. (Top photo mine, second photo from

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