Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mall Rats: Style Spotting at Toronto's Eaton Centre

Malls get a bad rap. Sure, in the suburbs the mall is often the place to see and be seen. But with the stylish people of Toronto more likely to congregate in Yorkville or West Queen West than at any mall, many Torontonians consider the mall to be something of fashion wasteland - a sartorial graveyard of fluorescent lighting, sweatpants, and Hollister tees. To be dressed "like you're going to the mall" is not a good thing.

While the stereotype of the mall shopper in sweats and Uggs is not completely unfounded - it's impossible to go to a Toronto mall and not see anyone dressed this - I knew that there were well-dressed mall-goers out there. So I wandered Eaton Centre and found five people who redefine mall style. Spotted them: Walking towards the food court.

Stopped them because:I liked the way they fearlessly played with colours, patterns, and styles. The girl on the left's top has a lot of text on both the front and back, but pairing it with jeans makes it fun, not overly busy. Plus, her boots with the multi-coloured fringe remind me of Pocahontas, which is my favorite Disney movie ever, and thererfore always a good thing. The purple plaid coat paired with a white leopard print scarf on the girl on the right is bold, but works really well. I think it's because of the different sizes of the patterns and the lack of colour in the scarf. The patterned bag works well with it, too. More people should take chances with fashion like this. Spotted her: Outside Indigo.

Stopped her because: She looked so chic with her black coat, scarf in Burberry plaid, jodhpur-style pants, and flat brown boots. It's a classically preppy combination, but the messy topknot in her hair stops it from looking too fussy. Her small jewellery completes the effortlessly pulled-together look. Spotted them: On a bench outside Victoria's Secret.

Stopped because: I first noticed her bright red circle scarf. As I got closer, I noticed her other cool accessories - I love the combination of the earthy red, yellow, and green of the leg-warmers and the pink shoelaces of her black combat boots. It's a fashion risk that shouldn't work but does, and it amounts to this amazing sort of nineties grunge look. I liked her male companion's jacket. It lends a cool, casual vibe to his dress pants and leather shoes.

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