Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Men of the world: I don't care what you think of my drop crotch pants.

Friends, I have been so late in joining the Man Repeller love (I just found out about the blog the other day. If you, like me, have been living under a rock, give it a read; it’s pretty awesome). Reading it has definitely made me think (which is really upsetting because it’s winter break and I’ve been trying to avoid thinking.)

I think ladymag articles informing women that men don’t like certain garments miss the point. I love that they always think that this is news to us. “What? Boys don’t find harem pants hot? I thought they loved the way these pants make my butt look horrendously misshapen!”

Shocker: These outfits aren't ideal for trolling for boys. (All pictures from The Sartorialist.)
I hate to make sweeping generalizations, but I think I’ll make one anyway. Dear magazines (and I love you, you should know that), I would say that 99% of women know how to dress to impress the average guy, if we choose to. We are smart enough to realize that (most) guys think we look better in a low-cut bandage dress than in jeggings and a sweater with linebacker shoulder pads.
Frankly, I wear what I do because it makes me happy. I might pick an outfit because it reminds me of a collection I liked, because I feel confident in it, or just because I like the way it looks. Women dress the way we do for all kinds of reasons. And yeah, some girls get dressed in the morning with the sole objective of impressing guys. That’s totally fine. But I don’t like when (usually female) writers for magazines act as if that’s all fashion’s about.

Gentleman, don’t get me wrong. I want you to think I’m pretty (or at least not repulsively unattractive). I want you to be impressed by my sparkling personality. I want to make you laugh. But I couldn’t give a damn what you think about my wardrobe.*

*Unless, of course, you are one of the super-cool, hyper-judgemental gay men who hangs out on the steps I pass on my way to campus. I really want you to think I’m cool so we can become best friends and give bitchy looks to passers-by together (you know, like the ones you give me when I’m on my way back from the gym and I’m wearing yoga pants and an old tee and have sweat dripping down my face?) and tell each other secrets and buy coffees and laugh uproariously together. You guys just look like a lot of fun.

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molllllllllly said...

I totally agree with this! Dress for yourself, not for anyone else.x